Message from Academic Director

Message from Simon Lacey, Academic Director, MTIC Program


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Welcome to the UPH SECO Masters Program on Trade, Investment and Competition Law and Policy (MTIC). This one-year masters program represents a cutting edge and novel approach in interdisciplinary teaching across a relatively narrowly focused but important area of Indonesian regulatory practice. The program aims to equip lawyers and other practitioners from both the private and public sector to better understand the interaction between international integration agreements and the commitments they contain (such at the WTO, ASEAN or Bilateral Investment Treaties) and national policymaking. MTIC graduates and those having attended individual elements of the curriculum will be well-equipped to handle legal and policy issues relating to trade, competition and investment activities in Indonesia and beyond.


On the MTIC program, where teaching takes place in UPH's state of the art and newly constructed graduate campus at centrally-located Semanggi, we bring together both locally based and internationally renowned lecturers to impart students with unique national, regional and international perspectives on the many issues we cover. All teaching is done in English. We hope you will find the information you are looking for on our website, but if there's anything we forgot, please use the "contact" page to get in touch and ask us directly.